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Robert Savin

During your complimentary consultation, we'll asse

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During your complimentary consultation, we'll assess your current fitness level,
discuss your goals, needs, and time frame, as well as provide you with the best
training options that are right for you.

Your six 1-hour sessions will be built around your schedule, and will include my client satisfaction guarantee:

- Learn and master the correct exercise execution for optimal results.
- Nutrition made easy - specifically designed for your goals and body type.
- Continuous adjustments based on your body's feedback to avoid plateaus and ensure constant results.
- Experience the impressive results correct training and nutrition can do for you in a short period of time.
- I help people lose weight permanently and build lean muscle for life in a simple and healthy manner.

Regardless of your starting point, the training and nutrition programs are designed for your specific case and body type, helping you achieve your ideal physique in an efficient and sustainable manner.

I train clients out of Fortis Fitness, but no membership is required for you, as my client. They have full amenities, such as change rooms and showers. There is parking available onsite or nearby street parking. They are fully stocked with a complete array of specialty bars, HiiT equipment and everything else we may need.

About me:
I started out as a tall lanky skinny kid with no strength to even do a proper push-up (6'1", 12 inch arms). Frustrated with the lack of strength and muscle on my frame, I became motivated to make a change hoping to one day achieve my dream physique. This led me to trying and experimenting with countless different diet and training protocols along the way.

Eager to make a change, I was exposed to the common muscle building advice (the traditional "bulking" methods) and I ended up over 45 lbs overweight. By going through different methods myself I have learned the "ins and outs" and began to understand the deeper truths about how the body functions and why some methods are effective and some aren't.

Through-out my journey I developed a passion for fitness and the ability to make incredible changes to the human body in a short period of time, refining all the knowledge I have acquired along the way. Having gone through countless different workout & diet phases myself (skinny-fat-fit) has helped me immensely to understand the body transformation process, enhancing my ability to help and relate to my clients as well.

I am a Certified CanFitPro Personal Trainer, GLPTI Certified, Level 1 N1 Trainer and I specialize in sustainable fat loss and muscle building (hypertrophy).
I continuously add to my skills by attending seminars and learning from the leading experts in the industry such as Coach Kassem, Ben Pakulski and many others.