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Pastel Supernova

Shake till you Drop! Samba basics with Pastel Supe

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Class Price: $12.00

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226 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, M5T 1V5


Shake till you Drop! Samba basics with Pastel Supernova. Take your booty to Brazil & learn how the pros keep their bums round and their hips nimble. It's a monster workout camouflaged in sexy. Lets get steamy!

All levels welcome. Bring Water. (Sky high heels recommended)

This class runs alternating Sundays with the #TeamPullUp class on opposite weeks.

BurlesqueUni is a positive space for participants to combine physical activity with the art of of burlesque through drop in dance and fitness classes. Students explore the world of tease, the power of seduction, become comfortable in their bodies and improve self confidence through sexually charged movement. Created by some of Toronto's top burlesque performers, BurlesqueUni is a great space to learn to dance, perform, and stay in shape.