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Bootcamp 1.0

Rowen Brownlow

Bootcamp 1.0

This functional fitness class is f

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Body Positivity Movement
1298 Gerrard St East, Toronto, ON, M4L 1Y7


Bootcamp 1.0

This functional fitness class is for those just starting out, for those getting back in the groove, and for those who may have to do a lower impact workout. All of our classes are modifiable to all levels.
The equipment we use includes: body weight, kettlebells, resistance bands, sandbags, parallel bars and TRX.

About the instructor: Rowen Brownlow
Rowen started her fitness journey later in life. Rowen has always struggled with body image, and finding ways to stay healthy and strong. A few years back she joined a bootcamp and learned that she loved functional fitness. It helped put her on a journey to feeling better about herself, and in turn inspired her to want to help others feel good too.
Rowen has spent the last 25 years in the social services field, supporting people of many different special needs populations. It has given her the skills and experience to counsel people in a caring compassionate way to make healthier choices in all aspects of life. In her spare time, she is a part-time photographer and is taking courses in nutrition. She loves to cook and is always experimenting with new recipes!