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Our Values

FitIn will always strive to be as inclusive as possible, because we believe that fitness is a community that brings us together. We see fitness as the great equalizer, because we all have bodies that need nurturing with movement, no matter what size, shape or colour. We will help customers and businesses create safe spaces in which to pursue health, and will always be willing to collaborate with our community to ensure it gets what it needs to thrive.

Fitness as part of a treatment plan for mental health is near and dear to our heart; it is our sincere hope to be able to provide this community with the tools and resources it needs to be able to leverage this aspect of 'treatment' so that it can be utilized to its greatest potential.

We will not discriminate about the type of fitness we promote. We consider all types of movement important for overall health and spiritual vitality, whether a dance class, a HiiT workout or chair yoga. It is our goal to provide both Toronto and all global citizens the opportunity to explore different types of exertion and skill acquisition.

Fitness is a beautiful expression of our human potential, and we are committed to facilitating that for all who seek it. To this end, we will provide a free basic listing to every gym, studio or fitness school that qualifies for it, in order to enable them to be seen and heard in the community, as well as to give our customers the most complete resource and opportunity to meet their personal goals.

Exercise and movement are part of life, and we feel everyone has a right to access this. With the launch of our website, we pledge our commitment to being a leader in ensuring the healthiest and most fulfilling life possible for all who wish it.